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Pete 'Patch' Alberti

Hi There,

Welcome to my home on the web. I'm a writer, primarily of science fiction and fantasy. This site serves as a nice, concise collection of links to the things I've written, and to places where you can use newfangled social media to get in touch with me. If you're feeling a bit old fashioned, feel free to email me directly, with comments, criticism, flames, etc.

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Pete "Patch" Alberti lives in a small house with delightfully antiquated ceiling heights in Massachusetts. He shares this abode with several humans of varying ages and the usual compliment of cats.

When not writing fiction, Pete writes computer code. The two are remarkably similar, though he recommends careful compartmentalizing. (There was an incident with a sword of be-spelling and a server which is best left untold.)

Pete enjoys playing games, baking cookies, critiquing the politics of fantasy novels, and hiding behind the bed with his cat when guests arrive.